Our Story

You deserve better.

We grew up with the ritual of tea having meaning that translates
to energy, peace, and healing. For us, tea never belonged in the
back of a dusty kitchen cabinet, and it shouldn’t for you

We decided to further our connection with tea by making
some of our own. Starting from scratch, we took apart all the
elements of what we love about tea. We tasted tea through the
mountains of China, the fields of Japan, the streets of India
and farms in New York in search of the purest ingredients that
this planet has to offer. With a vision to inspire quality
creations and consumerism with intent, we are modernizing the
tea industry and leaving bitter boring blends in the past.

We refuse to use any ingredient that is not grown naturally and
sourced sustainably in respect to the deep rooted history of tea and our collective responsibility to this planet.

We created blends with purpose. Blends that we have cultivated
ingredients around to fit the needs of our everyday lives. Now
more than ever, products need to instill a change in lifestyle and create a meaningful place in our day.

Through all of this journey, we were amazed by how many
incredible moments, stories and conversations we had with people
from different walks of life, all over a simple cup of tea.

We truly believe that consuming beautiful ingredients can
provide an avenue to reach spiritual, emotional and physical peace.

Let us, at Sahana, guide you.