What Hemp does Sahana use?

Sahana uses whole hemp flowers themselves are ingredients in our tea. We use hemp flowers that are grown in incredible farms here in the USA.

This approach is contrary to the isolate / powders / oils that many other brands use for their products. Those isolates / powders / oils go through multiple levels of processing and chemical extractions. We believe that just like tea, the hemp that we use should be as minimally processed and natural as possible and so we decided to use beautiful hemp flowers for our blends.


Does Sahana Tea expire?

The recommended shelf life for our teas is 2 years for optimal freshness, flavor and taste. However this product can be consumed for 3+ years after purchase. 


Is Hemp legal?

Yes, the Hemp Farming Act of 2018 was signed allowing for the sale, transfer and possession of industrial hemp-derived products across the country. 


Are your products tested?

All our tea is tested by 3rd Party Certified Labs to check for any external agents. We are also proudly Organic & Non-GMO.