Message From Us


David Shah & Karthik Bupathi

Co-founders at Sahana 


As childhood friends, we both have grown to acquire a deep appreciation for fine tea; its natural ingredients as well as the very experience of sharing someone’s company over a freshly brewed cup. Exploring this avenue was always an interest for us and creating Sahana served as a wonderful opportunity to create a platform for our story, so that others may experience it the way we believe it should be. Throughout our many travels, we were able to dive deep into the world of tea and food and appreciate the role they play in our personal connections with one another.
Before devoting my time fully to Sahana, I (David) served as a Senior Global Supply Manager at Apple & Juul. In college, I co-founded Chacara Foods, a startup focused on providing imperfect produce to the underserved population. Being immersed in fast tech, I witnessed the challenges of maintaining a sustainable lifestyle. Subsequently, I found fascination in the culture around tea and its benefits to the human body. As someone who finds beauty in food & tea, I believe that consuming beautiful ingredients can provide an avenue to reach spiritual, emotional and physical peace.
Hi friends, Karthik here. My career has spanned different roles in several industries ranging from life sciences, banking, fintech, and more recently renewable energy. From a young age, I have always been deeply intrigued by the natural healing abilities of the body, clean eating and ayurvedic medicine—partly due to the influence of growing up in an Indian household with my family in healthcare. Through Sahana, I aim to build a brand that emphasizes education first, complemented by the delicate curation of some of Earth's finest and cleanest ingredients to create intricate and tailored tea blends.
While both of us have both deviated our paths at different points in our lives, we could always rely on a cup of tea whenever our paths crossed to once again revive the same feeling of comfort, closeness and contentment; an experience we strive for with each of our blends, here at Sahana.