Dawn: Elevate your energy

Purpose: Ditch the jittery coffee buzz for a more refreshing and gentle spirit. Our Dawn Wellness Tea contains steady, longer-lasting natural stimulants that aim to increase productivity. Capturing the bright, fresh, and floral notes of new beginnings every morning, Dawn offers aromatic herbs dedicated for a smooth awakening, keeping you elevated without the crash.

Blend Profile: Floral | Soft | Naturally Caffeinated | 15 mg Hemp Flowers

Ingredients: Blackberry, Ginger, Fennel, Elder Flower, Cat’s Claw, Honeybush, Pai Mu Tan, Assam Black Tea, Hemp Flower.

What You Receive: 

Box of 8 Individually Wrapped Biodegradable Corn Fiber Tea Sachets. Each Sachet contains 2.2g of our Dawn Blend. Organic, Non-GMO and free of all things that don't belong. Each Sachet can be used up to 3 times.

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